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Our hospitality furniture Services for the hospitality industry | Eurekka Hospitalidad
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Hotel furniture custom design.

We have a design and consulting department which studies the specifications our client give to us in order to study and replicate them. We analyze the specifications and define the best way to put them in production so our client can save money on its investment with our compromising quality. We give advice about the functionality and usability.

We design any kind of hotel furniture and seating for our customers.

If our client does provide any design, picture or idea, then we suggest and create the perfect line for our client needs depending on their project and on what they want their customer to experience.

Design and Consulting

Design and Consulting 2

Product development.

Our product development starts when our customer chooses a collection or a custom design product is created with our customer specifications. After, orders are made to our manufacturing facility where the products are monitored carefully.

We will give a username and a password for every project when an order is made. With this username and this password you can follow your project and see the progress of it from our webpage.

Product development covers the design, materials, laminates or any additional feature, the finish and the manufacture of it in our facilities.

Our products have the highest quality standards with the best extended warranty.

We have the quality standards needed for the export of our products as well as for national projects.

Product Development

Product Development 2

Door to door logistics.

If needed by our customers, we offer door to door service from our manufacturing facilities to our customer's address.

We have plenty experience with freights, customs and warranties.

If you need logistics just let us know so we can handle and look for the best rates for you.

Door to Door Logistics